According to a recently published Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange, the number of Indian students headed to the U.S. for studies rose by 29.4 % in 2014-15. 

The number of Indian students going to the U.S., which was around 100,000 for a few years, has now risen by around 30,000 in the year 2014-15. 

Is this a surge for one year or an indicative trend? 

The number of schools has increased tremendously in the past few years. Many upwardly mobile parents want their children to learn in schools with international schools. 

Moreover, the stable exchange rate between rupee and dollar as well as the liberalized remittance policy has led to the increased sentiment of parents sending their children to the U.S. for education. 

If these factors continue in future, the trend of increase of over 25 per cent in students going to the U.S. every year will continue.

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