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Hi, I’m Jennifer Cail. On behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to roast a Christmas goose. Now that our goose has been seasoned and defatted as much as we can it’s time to put it in the oven. We are going to set the oven for 425 degrees to start and you want to make sure that your oven rack is down very low to the base of the oven. You don’t want it on the lowest setting but you want it low enough so that there is plenty of room for your goose. We are going to put the goose in the oven carefully sliding back in there and you want the goose to be right in the middle of the oven. So that the main body of the goose is in the middle both from side to side and top to bottom.Cheap Jerseys from china That is one of the reasons why we are going to have such a low rack. You want to have it in there for 30 minutes to begin with after 30 minutes we will be doing our first basting and you also want to be aware that because of the fattiness of the goose it’s going to splatter a lot. So if your oven is close to a smoke detector you might be aware of that depending on how much air can get out of your oven. Because if it gets to smoky chances are your alarm is going to go off but this isn’t anything to worry about just make sure to keep an eye on the goose and the fat content being splattered around.

Autumn hasarrived, but we’re choosing to stay positive about the upcoming weather. After all, there are several things we enjoy about this season: drinking new varieties of flavored coffee, watching the leaves change, and cozying up withan electric blanket, to name a few. At the top of MYlist is picking out a cute new winter jacket.

Depending on where you live, you may need to hide under layers of insulation and multiple pairs of gloves (solidarity, Chicagoans), or you may be sporting a fleece to get you through the chilly nights.

But what to buy? Goose down? PrimaLoft? What does DWR even mean? Does a 300 weight fleece weigh 300 pounds? Why would they even make something like that? The wide variety of outerwear features (and price points) can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

But this comparison goes out the window in rain and snow. Synthetic insulation keeps working in wet conditions, while down loses some if its insulating properties and is slow to dry. Synthetic insulation is also lightweight and withstands abrasion better than down, which is appealing to athletes. Last year, I enjoyed the benefits of both by layering a lightweightNorth Face ThermoBall Jacketunderneath a 900 fill down parka. Take that, windy city!

What is DWR?A durable water repellant finish is a coating that is added to outerwear to make it water resistant. While there are other methods of waterproofing used, this is the most common, and if you’re buying a down coat and expecting a wet winter, it’s a necessity. However, bear in mind that it will wear off over time.

Do I need to buy a Canada Goose Parka?Quite simply, no. Sure, the coyote fur will keep you cozy, and with 100percentduck downand a lifetime warranty, they are built to last. But a Canada Goose parka willset you back well over $600, over twice the price we found on comparably warm jackets, and it won’t keep you from yelling out curse words as you scrape the ice off of your windshield. That said,we do think they’re stylish.

What kind of fleece should I buy?If you live in a warm climate oryou’re looking to add a bit of warmth to your active wear, a 100 weight fleece will do. Choose a 200 weight fleece for layering under heavier coats, or a 300 weight fleece if you want a warmer option to wear solo.Cheap Jerseys free shipping A popular choice is theNorth Face Denali Fleece Jacket, a durable 300 weight fleece thatalso zips into warmer coats from the same brand. For more details, check out thiscomplete buyer’s guide.

Our Top PicksThere area lot of contenders out there, but we’ve pulled together our winners in each category and, in typical Brad’s Deals style, picked the one that is currently the lowest price on the web.

The ‘Weigh’ Warm Marmot Quasar Hoodie $207.99In our search for a highwarmth to weight ratio, we looked for a 900 fill down jacket with a hood that was also water resistant and lightweight. Our best value find was the Marmot Quasar Hoodie, on sale for $207.99 forwomenandmenatMooseJaw. This high quality goose down jacket canpack into its own pocket, making it ideal for layering over fleeces without becoming an unidentifiable blob.

The Travel Companion North Face ThermoBall Jacket $100 $120We looked for a jacket that was lightweight, breathable, packable, warm, durable, and appropriate for a variety of weather conditions. The best go anywhere jacket we found was theNorth Face ThermoBall Jacket, which we found for as low as$100 for men and $120 for women at6pm. Pack it in your suitcase, forget about it while you’re in Florida, remember it fondly again while waiting in the cold for a taxi after your vacation has ended, and pop it under your down coat so you can brag about surviving this year’s snow storm.

The Fully Functional Fleece North Face McEllison Fleece $89.99We looked for a full zip, mid weight fleece that was durable and stylish enough to wear on it’s own or under a warmer jacket. Our favorite was theNorth Face McEllison Fleece, which goes for $89.99for men and women at 6pm.

The Best Value Lands’ End/Columbia $39.99 $44.99If you need something warmer than a fleece but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, check out theLands’ End Primaloft Packable Parkafor women, on sale for just $39.99 atLands’ End, and theColumbia Mighty Light Jacketfor men, which we found for as low as $44.99 at 6pm.

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