Times Higher Education (THE) magazine has released its 2015 World Reputation Rankings. Harvard University has retained its top slot and the second rank is given to the University of Cambridge, followed closely by University of Oxford at the third position.
US universities continue to bag the top slot with 43 of the top 100 and 8 out of the top 10. UK universities have 12 of the top 100 rankings.
The world reputation ranking is based on worldwide survey of expert academic opinions and are based on more than 10,000 responses.
Predictably, none of the Indian universities have made it to this list of top 100. If only the IISc and IITs focus on improving the parameters on the basis of which this ranking is done, there is some chance of seeing an Indian university in this list soon

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When the Finance Minister rose to present the Budget in the Parliament on 28th February, 2015, there were a lot of expectations from all sections of industry, including the education and skilling sector.
This was the first full Budget of the new government, under the backdrop of a strong GDP growth of 7.5 per cent and precipitous drop in oil prices. The Indian economy is truly in a “sweet spot” and if the fiscal deficit is handled well, it is now “ready to fly”.
There is strong push in the Budget on the infrastructure, social sectors and education and skilling. The Finance Minister has underlined the need to a strong push on public investment, due to the weak private investment in infrastructure via the PPP model. This is a modulation from the earlier policies where the thrust was exactly the opposite – public money was not available for huge investment required in infrastructure and hence, private investment had to step in.
There are a slew of announcements on increasing the social security net – increase in allocation to MNREGA, accidental death insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs for an annual premium of Rs. 12 and many more schemes – all designed to provide social security to the under-privileged.
The focus of the government on Education and Skilling continues in this Budget.
In the first few paras of the Budget, The Finance Minister has referred to the fact that 2022 is a historic year for India, being the 75th year of India’s independence and one of the stated items in the vision for 2022 is “Educating and skilling our youth to enable them to get employment is the altar before which we must all bow”. To achieve this, the stated goal is to have a senior secondary school within 5 kms of each child, upgrade 80,000 secondary schools and add or upgrade 75,000 junior/ middle schools to senior secondary level. The Finance Minister has also envisioned the need to improve quality and learning outcomes of education.
Skilling initiatives of the government which are presently dispersed across various Ministries will be consolidated under the National Skills Mission through the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry. This Mission will also standardize procedures and outcomes across 31 Sector Skill Councils. A new scheme (Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gramin Kaushal Yojana) has been announced to enhance employability of rural youth. Rs. 1,500 crores has been set apart in this budget for this scheme and, interestingly, disbursements will be made through a digital voucher directly into the qualified student’s bank account.
Availability of finance to students wanting to pursue Higher Education has never been easy in India. This Budget has made a bold announcement and hopefully, it ensures that no student is unable to pursue Higher Education due to lack of finance. A fully IT based Student Financial Aid Authority will be set up to administer and monitor scholarships as well as loans through the Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi Karyakram. Other than that, many new educational institutes (AIIMS, IIT, etc.) have been announced to be set up across India.
If the Finance Minister is able to implement a financial aid scheme for Higher Education, it will be the biggest game-changer for Higher Education!

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Expectations from Budget 2015

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women know July 10 is their day

women’s soccer team, playing with 10 players instead of 11 because of a controversial red card, could defeat the world’s best female soccer player and her Brazilian teammates in their quarterfinal match of the World Cup tournament. women’s soccer. women’s soccer team claimed the day in 1999 when it defeated China in a dramatic shootout victory at the Rose Bowl in California to claim the World Cup. team ripped its day from a talented Brazilian squad and five time FIFA player of the year Marta in what was an even more dramatic victory to advance to Wednesday’s semifinal match against France.

“It started to look grim,” said goalkeeper Hope Solo. “But we fought I knew Abby (Wambach) would come up big. Whether she scores two goals or 10 goals, when it counts, she comes up big.”

It would be difficult to come up any bigger than Wambach did on Sunday.wholesale nfl jerseys fell behind 2 1 in the first 15 minute overtime. did not score in the second 15 minute overtime, but the decision of a Brazilian defender to waste a few minutes feigning an injury, prompted officials to tack on an extra three minutes of stoppage time.

It was then that Wambach performed her miracle with some help from her equally determined teammates, of course.

Less than a minute from elimination, Megan Rapinoe booted the perfect pass across the field to veteran team leader Wambach, who used her head to score the game tying goal in the 122nd minute of the match. It was the latest goal ever scored in women’s World Cup history. defeated Brazil on penalty kicks that highlighted embattled goalie Hope Solo’s tremendous talent. “I really don’t know what to say. This is a perfect example of what this country is about. It is the history of this team, what we’re about. team does best. team on Sunday goalkeeper Hope Solo.

Her father taught her to play soccer, but the damage done to him by the Vietnam war took him from her childhood. Instead of helping her navigate life, he spent 12 years homeless in Seattle, Washington. He attended every one of her college games at the University of Washington while living in a tent a few miles from the campus.

Some children would have asked for more. But for Solo, his affection was enough.

She understood that the demons he battled had nothing to do with her, and she credits him with instilling in her “an athlete’s mentality.”

That is, she said, that there are no excuses. While some may have found his life a tragedy of missed opportunities, she saw something else.

Solo told ESPN on the eve of the game that she “looked at him as someone who struggled through life, who had hardships, but found a way through everything. teammates played for the World Cup. Devastated that he never saw her represent her country, she dedicated the season to him.

She even spread his ashes in the goal before each game. head coach Greg Ryan pulled her from the starting line up for the quarterfinal match against Brazil.

Angry, confused and disappointed, she watched as her team lost a game, 4 0, she’d dedicated to her father.

Afterward, she criticized her coach’s decision.

“It was the wrong decision,” she said in 2007. “There is no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves.”

She said her words were meant for one person Ryan. But others interpreted it as boastful, arrogant and critical of an American soccer hero, Briana Scurry, who replaced her in the goal against Brazil. It was Scurry, after all, who made that game winning save against China in 1999.

Solo was kicked off the team by Ryan and shunned by her teammates. She said in that interview with ESPN that it would have been easy to walk away from the game, away from the pain.

Instead, she did what great athletes do she showed up and worked hard. She mended fences with teammates, and when Ryan was replaced with Pia Sundhage a few months later, she earned back her position.

After playing a fantastic game, she was the picture of calm as she and her teammates won the game deciding shootout. Her teammates had to make every goal, and she had to earn a save.

She did just that against Daiane, the third Brazilian to shoot. (Incidentally, it was the third shot that Scurry saved in 1999.)

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Cheap Jerseys from china For let the truth be spoken. The action of Germany, however michael kors bags on sale cruel, sanguinary, and faithless, was nothing in the nature of a stab in the dark. The Germanic Tribes had told the whole world in all possible tones carrying conviction, the gently persuasive, the coldly logical; in tones Hegelian, Nietzschean, war like, pious, cynical, inspired, what they were Louis Vuitton going to do to the inferior races of the earth, so full of sin and all unworthiness. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys from china Scott says the passengers will be placed on another flight to Miami this evening.A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says an unknown number of minor injuries have been reported after an American Airlines plane caught fire and passengers evacuated on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro initially said no one was hurt but later said minor injuries were reported. He said he could not give an exact number.Molinaro says the pilot aborted takeoff and everyone evacuated. Television reports showed a large plume of black smoke coming from the Boeing 767.. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china One of the major components of these next generation routers is the ability for them to double as home ready Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. If a person didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a stand alone NAS unit which could cost hundreds of dollars for a 2TB unit, an integrated solution that allows you to add a USB drive for much less might be perfect. Of course the question is how good is the performances of these routers when it comes to attached storage Cheap Jerseys china.

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women hit the woods for firearm deer season

replica oakley sunglasses Now, you have to be successful and rich. Everyone looks the same, everyone is something in the media or a lawyer or a financier or an entrepreneur. Everyone wears a 600 jacket and 250 jeans and looks like a wealthy, well oiled cog in the capitalist machine. replica oakley sunglasses

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fake oakleys The statistical analysis plan was specified before the study was unblinded and was reported in the trial protocol.18 We estimated that 35% of the control group would be using an effective contraception method after 4 months and that a sample size of 500 would be required to detect a 13% increase in contraceptive use with a 90% power at the 5% level of significance.18 Analyses were undertaken on an intention to treat basis using Stata version 13.1 (StataCorp. LP, College Station, United States of America). The effect of the intervention was expressed as a relative risk (RR) or hazard ratio (HR); a 95% confidence interval (CI) was used for primary and secondary outcomes and a 99% CI for subgroup analyses fake oakleys.

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will always be a Colt

Manning was drafted by the Colts in 1998, and played there for 14 years. He finished his career No. 1 or No. 2 in every major passing category, including passing yards, touchdowns and completions.Manning won 141 games including one Super Bowl with the Colts.RELATED No.18 retires: Manning revolutionized the game Colts release video honoring Peyton Manning”I remember the old RCA dome how loud it used to be,” he said.He became emotional when he started talking about how many jerseys he would see in the stadium.”I remember Colts fans, just the amount of jerseys they wore in the stadium, in the old RCA Dome, more than any other stadium in the league, in my opinion,” Manning said.Manning also touched on his impact on the city, both on the field and off the field.wholesale jerseys MORE Peyton Manning legacy in Indianapolis goes far beyond the football field”This town is a very philanthropic town and people love to help, and love to give, and so I was glad to join in that commitment to helping. And so the Peyback Foundation, we tried to help out a lot of kids who maybe don live easy and of course, my connection with the children hospital at St. Vincent, it one that I hope lasts for an eternity and one that I proud to still have and will always keep a connection with me, with this city off the field,” he said.”I mean, look, the Colts had been to the AFC Championship three years before I got here and were one, ya know, Hail Mary away from going to the Super Bowl, but I do recall, I mean, if you going out and just kind of getting a poll it was basketball, basketball, basketball and it was car racing, car racing, car racing, and where football was probably in that third priority. And that is simply no longer the case, this is a football town and as good a football town as any. These fans love their team and they talking about football in February, March, April, I mean it year round now,” Manning said.The press conference ended with questions from reporters and of course, a question about his future. He said he would not be running for president, but would like to see more of his brother Giants games.

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Women rule Crime Stoppers’ Most Wanted list

Lest you think all of Crime Stoppers’ Most Wanted are male, this month there are six women being actively pursued by police. As always, Crime Stoppers is looking to turn your tips the ones that result in arrests, anyway into cash, so call in if you’ve seen these suspects.

Elizabeth Dumas, 43, was convicted of assault with a weapon and entered into a probation order. Dumas breached her conditions on Dec. 23, 2015, which has resulted in a warrant being issued for her arrest.

Judy Thomas, 27, was arrested in April 2015 for assault with a weapon, and later released on a recognizance with nfl jerseys In September 2015, police conducted a curfew check as set out in Thomas’ conditions, and found that she wasn’t there and was no longer living where she was required. Here current whereabouts are unknown, and there is a warrant issued for her arrest.

Police are currently looking for Katelyn Thompson, 19, who was bound by a probation order with a condition to abstain from alcohol. Police have learned that she has breached her order. Her current whereabouts is unknown, and a warrant is in effect for her arrest.

Leah Clifton was arrested and charged with theft under $5,000 after a shoplifting incident that took place on Dec. 23, 2015. Clifton, 28, was later released for a future court date of Feb. 16, 2016. Clifton failed to appear for court and subsequently a warrant for her arrest has been issued.

Linda McDoughall, 38, is currently wanted and being sought by police for gaining to comply with a condition of her recognizance in relation to her manslaughter charge. Her current whereabouts is unknown and a warrant has been issued.

Linda Munroe was arrested for shoplifting and later released for a future court date. Munroe, 43, failed to attend court as required and a warrant was issued way back in September 2014.

Byron Dignard, 29, received a three year prison sentence when he was convicted of weapons/firearms offences. He became eligible for early release on Dec. 22, 2014, but had his release cancelled by Feb. 12, 2015 when it was learned he was in breach of his conditions. A Canada wide warrant has been issued.

Dylan Degrace, 24, was charged and convicted of assault with a weapon and got two years of incarceration. He was granted statutory release on Nov. 9, 2015 but had breached his conditions by Dec. 1, 2015. His release was cancelled and a Canada wide warrant was issued for his arrest.

Have you seen these suspects or wanted individuals?

CALL: Crime Stoppers toll free at 204 786 8477 (TIPS).

TEXT: plus your message to CRIMES (274637).

Lest you think all of Crime Stoppers’ Most Wanted are male, this month there are six women being actively pursued by police. As always, Crime Stoppers is looking to turn your tips the ones that result in arrests, anyway into cash, so call in if you’ve seen these suspects.

Elizabeth Dumas, 43, was convicted of assault with a weapon and entered into a probation order. Dumas breached her conditions on Dec. 23, 2015, which has resulted in a warrant being issued for her arrest.

Judy Thomas, 27, was arrested in April 2015 for assault with a weapon, and later released on a recognizance with conditions. In September 2015, police conducted a curfew check as set out in Thomas’ conditions, and found that she wasn’t there and was no longer living where she was required. Here current whereabouts are unknown, and there is a warrant issued for her arrest.

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Times Jobs has featured Mr. Ninad Karpe in their story, ‘Make in India’: Towards a skilled & superior India

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